YOGAPOP Inspire kicked off the year last night with a special Cooper Bridge Run edition! This was my first time at YOGAPOP but the 4th YOGAPOP event Charleston has held. YOGAPOP featured local musical talent, Inspirational speaker Ashley Cebulka, and an internationally known yoga instructor, author, and foodie, Kathryn Budig. Kathryn has graced the covers of Yoga Journal, Om Yoga and Yoga International. YOGAPOP is held in the Visitor Center Bus Shed in Downtown Charleston off of Meeting Street. Hundreds of yogis and yoginis from all walks of life, skill levels and ages gathered together to await entrance into the bus shed. The bus shed, the scene for YOGAPOP is an outdoor roofed area lined with vendors from all backgrounds. In the center of the shed was a stage equipped with a sound system that radiated with excitement and anticipation. Luckily I was one of the first YOPGAPOPpers into the bus shed where I received a welcome bag consisting of stickers and samples from vendors. I also had first dibs on my spot where I chose to place my yoga mat immediately in front of the stage (a not so wise idea-remember for next time). I had an opportunity to hit the vendors before yoga. 33+Vendors surrounded the shed. Handmade jewelry, handmade and custom clothing, homemade apothecary, dōTERRA essential oils, local yoga studios and gyms, local spas, local cold press juicing, and  local food and beverage were among the variety representing their businesses.

Bus Shed (Facebook-Yogapop)

Ashley Cebulka set the intention for YOGAPOP with a beautiful message on Inspiration and set the stage for Kathryn Budig. This was my second meeting with Kathryn, and it seems each time it only gets better. If you haven’t had the opportunity to have your practice instructed by Kathryn, I definitely recommend it. She is playful, fun and never fails to make you laugh when you’re so serious on your mat. Because I chose a spot in the front, I was blasted with music from the speakers and couldn’t hear any of the cues. This made it interesting, since my hearing sense was blocked, making it easier to laugh at myself.  The word inspire doesn’t come close to what she has done for my practice and being an instructor. Kathryn has helped me let go and laugh as a student and I want to be able to teach that to my students. She brings the fun back into yoga which seems to have been lost. Upon the completion of this simply beautiful practice and being able to share the energies of hundred around me, I was able to personally thank Kathryn. She is humble, caring and appreciates each admirer with a warm smile and hug (if you’re into that). Everyone wants to get a picture with this amazing woman, and I was and have been one of them. She was kind enough to take a selfie with me, making silly faces before snapping the photo. Please take the opportunity to visit Kathryn the next time she is in an area near you, I promise it is worth it! Find out where she will be on her website: ; Featured Mantra:  “I am energized, I am inspired” -Kathryn Budig

Aim True, Stay True! Cheesing with Kathryn

The energy was powerful and inspiring. Breathing and practicing as a unit with hundred of people is a powerful and exciting experience. This is a fun event that you cannot miss. Fun music, fun people, vendors, local beer, wine and yoga in the awesome city of Charleston– can you think of a better combination? Visit for information of future events!


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