Hair of the DoG Bottle Shop

The DoG Street Pub opened Hair of the DoG Bottle Shop in late February of 2015. Living in Williamsburg, it is exciting to have an additional venue to enjoy local craft beer on tap. DoG Street Pub is a Gastropub in Colonial Williamsburg that serves English inspired food, an extensive beer menu and unique cocktails. Hair of the DoG Bottle shop is a miniature version that focuses more craft beer and offers mini bites from DoG Street Pub.

Upon walking in you are immediately greeted by friendly employees working the bottle shop. There are fridges that house bottled water and sodas. Moving into the shop, Hair of the DoG opens up into a space with four long pub tables. Surrounding the bottle shop are various six packs of craft beers to choose from. There is a room off to the left where individual local and national craft beers are sold. The selection is enormous and has a variety to choose from. Its a candy store for adults! They are displayed beautifully and are sectioned by brewery location. Home brew kits, bottling supplies, growlers and even drinking game props are also among the variety of things sold at Hair of the DoG.

Stem and Snifter serving glasses. The individual bottle shop in the background.

Craft beer isn’t the only thing you will find here. Craft cocktail mixology tools also part of the unique items at Hair of the DoG. Bitters, ice picks, gin and whiskey kits, strainers, peelers and jiggers are a few of the items for those who aren’t interest in beer.

The taproom is tucked in the back, illuminated with natural lighting from the windows. The menu consists of a few of craft brews. The menu is constantly rotating, with approximately 10 drafts listed. What is unique about the drafts at the Hair of the DoG are the serving sizes. None of the beers are served in pints; they are served in snifters, tulips or stems. This is to keep the price of each draft under $5. Hair of the DoG, is not only serving craft beer, but they are making it affordable! There is one catch to the bottle shop, you are not allowed to purchase from their wide variety of bottled craft beer and enjoy it on their premise.

Hair of the DoG doesn’t forget about the kids or the kid in all of us. You can find ice cream and other local cooled sweet treats for those hot summer days to come. There has not been much traffic since they have opened, but as the summer comes along, I anticipate business to pick up and flood with tourist. This is a great place to have a beer with friends to cool down or relax after walking Duke of Gloucester street or even after work.

Hair of the DoG is located off of Henry Street, right behind DoG Street Pub in Williamsburg, VA.  Open 11am-9pm Daily.

Beer Highlight: Ballast Point- Victory at Sea, A vanilla porter


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