Craft Beer Scene in “The ‘Burg”

The craft brew scene in Williamsburg, Virginia is growing. If you find yourself in “The ‘Burg” visiting Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, or plantations,  you might want to check out the many venues that brew and serve craft beer. Williamsburg is home to Anheuser Busch, one of the largest beer manufactures and distributor in the nation. But you might be surprised to know that the craft beer scene is growing in popularity in this area. Craft beer is created under the notion that beer is now being crafted opposed to manufactured and many local businesses are collaborating together in support.


If you want to taste craft beer from many microbreweries in  Virginia for a one stop shop, head over to Dog Street Pub. Dog Street Pub offers and english inspired menu and an entire centerfold dedicated to bottled beer. The draft beer menu focuses on the local flavors. This location is ideal if your are experiencing Colonial Williamsburg, it is located right off of Duke of Gloucester (DoG) street. If you want to just grab a beer and continue on your way, Hair of the Dog is an extension to Dog Street Pub where you can purchase a variety of stock beer, or enjoy a beer from their tap room. If you want to enjoy seafood and craft beer while experiencing Colonial Williamsburg, head over to Barret’s seafood and Tap-house. They have a nice outdoor seating area that is complete with corn hole. Barrett’s often teams up with a craft breweries for “Steal the Pint” nights on Thursdays (6pm-9pm) and a variety of music entertainment.

Down the street is another venue that serves a large variety of craft/local beer. Green leafe Cafe’s bar is lined with an extensive draft beer selection. The taps are always changing and the selection offers everything from ciders, porters and lagers. Looking to purchase craft beer and wine from across the nation, head over to the cheese shop.


AleWerks Brewing Company

AleWerks is Williamsburg’s staple craft brewery. They have bottled beer for sale in local grocery stores, shops in Colonial Williamsburg, Hair of the Dog, and local restaurants. AleWerks taps can be found in all the venues listed above, and in their home Taproom. Alewerks is very much involved in the community and local businesses. You can enjoy AleWerks beer in many historic scenes right off of Duke of Gloucester Street to include: Kings Arm, Chowning’s Tavern,  Shields Tavern, and The Fat Canary. Nestled in a business park, Alewerks offers a fun family environment complete with corn hole, trivia, live music and innovative beer casks. The employees are welcoming, their passion and knowledge for their company and craft beer is reflected in the quality of service and beer.

Brass Cannon Brewing Company

Brass Cannon is a hidden gem that has a homegrown local feel. The tap room is intimate and the beer is unique. Also located in a business park, it is quiet and offers a nice get away from the hustle and bustle. The year around casts offer something for everyone from an IPA, Scottish Ale, Stout and an Amber Ale.  The Angry Scot is a smooth Scottish ale, one of my favorites. They have a large variety of crafted experimental beers that are truly  unique. Brass Cannon has experimented with hazelnut, apple, honey basil, citrus, and chili.

Virginia Brewing Company

Founded by William and Mary Alumni, Virginia Brewing Company will open in the Fall of 2015. There is much anticipation and talk about this company in the ‘Burg. They already have a strong social media presence that has captured attention of many locals and other microbreweries  with much excitement and support.

There are other breweries in right outside the Williamsburg area to such as Smartmouth Brewing Company in Norfolk, O’Connor Brewing Company in Norfolk, and The Saint George Brewing Company in Hampton. Be on the look out for the next blog featuring these breweries.

Support your local businesses and Sláinte !


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