There has been many guys attending yoga lately. The Broga movement is real and is evolving before my eyes. When yoga started, it was only practiced by men and since then to now, women have dominated the yoga scene. Now, men are making a come back. I love this so much because people are now realizing that yoga isn’t just for women or the elderly, yoga is for everyone!

Stop Dorp and Yoga- Blaine head stands in Williamsburg

Men add a different aspect to yoga, they bring strong and non judgmental energy to the class. There are so many benefits to yoga that compliment a daily exercise routine, this is usually true for men. For some men, yoga is their exercise routine and other activities come after.  I want men to feel comfortable enough to come to a studio and not fear being the only man. Yoga takes a tremendous amount of strength, physically and mentally. When men take their first class,  the response is positive because it turns out to be nothing like they had expected.

There are different avenues men can dip their toes into the yoga scene before committing to a studio. Finding a free community class is always a good first step. Yoga and beer events are also a great way to incorporate something familiar (beer) with something new (yoga). I guarantee you won’t be the only man at an event like this. If you do CrossFit, some WODs consists of yoga that is more straight forward and to the point, similar to a deep stretch class or a power yoga. Some events are just for men, labeled “Broga” (bro-yoga).

Explore your community, see what there is to offer and don’t be afraid of the word yoga. Go in without expectations, judgment, and a competitive mind. Bring water and smile, because you’re not part of a movement in the yoga world.

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