Back Bay Brewing

Its been a while since I’ve reviewed a brewery and my experience.  While in Virginia Beach I visited Back Back Brewing. It was easy to find but in an unexpected area right off the strip of VA beach.

Upon walking in, Back Bay had a saloon/watermens shack feel bringing the outdoors in. Reclaimed wood and siding line the walls with a large map and art resembling the passion for the region. In the rafters were old saloon style windows that exposed an upstairs area that looked like an office. Right underneath sat the bar lit by classic Edison bulbs. Immediately to the left were around 5 barrels and to the right were beautiful bench community seating.

I don’t excited about seating in most breweries but Back Bay took the opportunity to bring detail into every aspect, including the seating to give it the look and feel they wanted. The long tables in the seating area are lateral cuts from a large tree. The tops were sanded smooth but the edges and shape of the tree remained in tact followed by a semi gloss finish. wood details make me melt.  They also offered a vintage packman arcade game and a table shuffle board.

Enough about the beautiful detail of the tables, time for the beer. I had the False Cape Ale, 6% ABV. This beer was extremely refreshing with a beautiful amber color. It was slightly sweet, slightly woody with and oaky nose. The second beer I had was their Porter 5% ABV, equally as good and easy to drink. Beers are served in a can glass (my preferred way) that exhibits delicacy and the Back Back emblem.

False Cape Ale

In addition to an awesome atmosphere, another topic I like to talk about is the population that you might find here. Every brewery has their own personnel that they naturally attract. To no surprise Back Bay had people from all walks of life; Couples, Bro-dates, military, kids, grand-parents, entire families, girls night out and everything in between, all of which were friendly and  had one thing in common, to enjoy good beer.

Back bay has plenty of activity including a live band series called “Live in the Blind” located in a downstairs area of the brewery. See their Facebook page for whats happening monthly.

If you find yourself in VA Beach and have the need to refresh, I highly recommend you stop on by and experience this for yourself.



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