Yogi on Tap was created from a passion for yoga, craft beer, wine, adventure, outdoors and living life. I live in Williamsburg, Virginia and Fayetteville, North Carolina where I travel the greater area to various yoga studios,micro breweries and wineries. I have been practicing yoga since 2010 and instructing since January 2014. I am a trained yoga instructor who is open to attend all kinds of yoga from various backgrounds, as well as with craft beer. I am open to all kinds of beer from Nitro stouts to American sours.

Yogi on Tap gives honest reviews and experiences on various yoga studios, yoga classes, craft breweries, craft beer, wineries and related subjects. As I travel from studio to brewery, gaining new experiences and going in blind folded, I want to give you an opportunity to read my impressions.

I have no intentions to trash or glorify any business, but honest reviews on what I experience during my visit will be uncovered so that followers can gain perspective on what to expect.

Happy Readings,

Namaste &  Sláinte



If you would like to be featured, have any questions or suggestions, please email me: amber.eliz11@gmail.com

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